Producer Spotlight: Deb Rabbai on a Summer Saying Yes


[Editor's Note: Once a month we have a producer or artistic director take you behind the curtain, into the rehearsal process, and backstage to illuminate more the of Broadway's Next Hit Musical process. This month it's co-artistic director, co-producer, and cast member Deb Rabbai]

Soak it up and Say Yes

It’s summer! If you’re a working adult and you’re not a student in school the summer may feel like just another chunk of time where you adhere to your daily routine with the difference being that it gets warmer. Or, if you have kids, they are now at camp or home all the time.

For me, this summer has been unique. While I don’t have kids and I’m not a student, this was the first summer in a very long time where I’d not had as much work in front of me as I usually do. I admit that initially when I found out my regular summer gig was not going to happen I was filled with a little bit of dread and worry about how to pay my bills. But then I remembered something from my past and chose a different way to think about things.

Improvisational Eyes

I decided to look at this with different eyes; improvisational eyes. Embrace the new and unknown and trust that I will figure something out and that I can work with what I’ve got. I know that I will earn more money in my lifetime. I’m certain of this. I decided that this imposed “employment vacation” would leave room for some unexpected opportunity to come forward or for me to clean my apartment. It’s funny how I NEVER have time to clean my apartment, no matter what.

When I was in my twenties, just a few years ago (ahem) my summer schedule was often quite open. I didn’t have a lot of work. I was certainly seeking work but in fact was pretty unemployed. I also remember that those summers were the times where I was able to ruminate. I had the brain space to think about nothing and just experience each day, noticing the details, watching people, eating my meals, connecting with friends, paying my bills, seeing shows, answering emails, visiting family, imagining my future etc. What a gift! I rarely get to do these things when I’m working solidly. I’m usually too tired to do anything extra. As the summer is now coming to a close I admit that my apartment still needs work - it probably always will - but I did have the time and energy to scrub it. I also cooked, picked strawberries, attended a pow wow, spent time reconnecting with friends,  auditioned more, and spent time with my family. Also, I could  think about what I want the next chunk of time to look and feel like. Say yes and see what comes next.

Listen to Deb Rabbai improvise in Broadway's Next Hit Musical