Producer Spotlight: Deb Rabbai on Gems of the Upper West Side

Seven's Turkish Grill, directly below the Triad Theatre - where our show occurs every January.

Seven's Turkish Grill, directly below the Triad Theatre - where our show occurs every January.

[Editor's Note: Once a month we have a producer take you behind the curtain, into the rehearsal process, backstage, or on the road to illuminate more the of Broadway's Next Hit Musical process. This month it's co-producer Deb Rabbai]

January is just around the corner and once the busyness of the holidays has subsided, it’s time to think about the New Year and how you want to start it off right. Conveniently, BNHM has two shows in January and they’re right in our New York City home base, The Triad on West 72nd street.

Ah, the Upper West Side of Manhattan.... Achanging landscape to be sure, but still filled with great restaurants, shopping and entertainment (I’m talking about us here).

Where To Eat Steps Away From the Triad

I’m a native New Yorker myself, born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the 72nd street area is one that I adore! Here are some great things that you can partake of when you come to see us on January 12th and 13th. Yes, both nights!

Directly beneath the Triad is the lovely and convenient, Turkish restaurant called Seven’s Turkish Grill. I’d like to meet Seven. I used to know his two older brothers but I heard there was a tragic end to one of them. Yes, Seven ate, nine. (That joke is not representative of the kind of humor you’ll find in our show, I promise)


Suppose you find yourself on 72nd street and you had Turkish food for lunch and want something a little lighter you can pop into the cafe Aroma which has yummy sandwiches, salads and smoothies and is located nearly directly across the street from the Triad. Sometimes you might even spy a cast member or two from BNHM sitting in the cafe a few hours before showtime drinking a little tea and having a nosh.

If you’re looking for a lovely and hip bar there’s always The Dakota Bar up on the corner of 72nd and Columbus Avenue.

Cookies from Levain

Cookies from Levain

Shows? NO! Shoes!!!! Go to Tip Top Shoes right across the street from the Triad. You need boots? Sandals? High heels? Check! Check! Check!

I’ve saved the best for last because it's the hardest to attain and will offer the greatest joy for your mouth… Levain Bakery at 74th street. Oh. My. Cookie. The cookies there will make you believe in magic. You will wait in a long line but you will be glad you did. Trust me on this one!

Get your tickets to our shows in New York City

Come and check out the sweet neighborhood where we make your song titles come to life and create a musical in front of your eyes. See you at the shows!! (Extra points if you bring chocolate peanut butter cookies from Levain Bakery for the cast).