Producer Spotlight: 85 to 15 Follow Up

We recently had to shorten the format of our show to be done effectively at a presentation for arts presenters and promoters. The normal length of the show is 85-90 minutes. We were being asked to do a 15 minute version. We had to figure out what was the most concise but effective version we could come up with. Here's where we netted out. 

No Emcee?

Megan Reilly and Robert Z. Grant at Arts Midwest

Megan Reilly and Robert Z. Grant at Arts Midwest

Intros and Song Titles
I did a quick emceed intro of the show, explaining the basic format and then introducing the first presenter, Deb Rabbai. Deb then picked a song title and did a first act song, including an introduction and description of the musical and the improvised song itself. When she finished, she introduced me and I did the same thing, along with an extra lyric which I pulled from the suggestions as well. 
The Plan, and then the Other Plan

The PLAN was that after that we have the audience vote which songs wins the Phony Award and then during the acceptance speech, tell the audience that normally they would see the full musical.  In this case, we were out of time and thus they would just have to bring us to their town for the full musical.

HOWEVER, we ran out of time after those two songs!

On the fly, we decided that I would simply stay on stage and explain what would normally happen at that point. The vote, the full musical, etc..

Phew! Fifteen Minutes Later

The success of this was that we did get through it all without sacrificing the humor and energy necessary to show the audience what Broadway's Next Hit Musical is REALLY about!! Fingers crossed that this means we will be coming to your town SOON!!