Producer Spotlight: Deb Rabbai on our January Phony Awards

Once a month a producer writes a posts sharing with us a unique perspective from both inside and outside of the show. This month it's Deb Rabbai with her thoughts on the Triad Shows in New York City.

It's midnight on December 31st and after all the celebrating has ended and all the holidays have run their course it's time for us to think about what's ahead in the coming year. For Broadway's Next Hit Musical it's time to think about our Winter performances for the APAP convention!


This year our two performances fell on January 15th & 16th. My birthday fell on the night before our first APAP show and while I desperately wanted to celebrate, I wanted to make sure I was well rested and vocally ready for the shows so my celebrating took place at home in pajamas and slippers. Our host Greg Triggs' birthday fell on Jan 16th which added to the excitement for Greg and offered him the opportunity to get some extra applause when he told the audience that it was in fact his birthday. Hey, whatever it takes right? Right!

The shows this year were full of great comedic moments and songs! Our cast was made up of the most talented, fun and funny people you will find in the world of musical improvisation and comedy. How lucky we were to have in the audience the fantastic actor Mr. Danny Aiello. Just having him in the audience was exciting and I know it inspired me to put my best foot forward.   

One of my favorite moments from the shows involved Robert Z. Grant portraying a dead goldfish floating in a fishbowl. Typecasting, if you ask me. Here are a few other moments I recall that brought a smile to my face; finding a way to use the song title "Yeah, I'd Hit That" to construct a musical about baseball, when Rob Schiffmann mentioned there was a "fluke" in the constitution that allowed his character (a young boy) to become president and Stefan Schick singing a song about French Oreos. Trust me, there were so many ridiculous moments that kept the night bouncy and light that it would take me another 250 words at least to recount them al. for you here.

My hope is that you were there to see it and hear the songs we sang and experience it for yourself!

If you weren't able to be there this year, I invite you to join us next year for more laughs and songs all improvised by your pals at Broadway's Next Hit Musical or see us on the road in your town!

Posted on January 25, 2016 and filed under Producer Spotlight, 2015 - 2016 Season.