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Appropriate Ages for Broadway's Next Hit Musical

Broadway's Next Hit Musical is a comedy show. You've seen some comedy. You know that it can be raunchy. Is that what Broadway's Next is going to be like? Maybe you saw our show in the past and thought it would be so fun to take your kids to - but what if they get a song title suggestion that's dirty? It's improvised, so they never know what it's going to be about from show to show, right?

This post is to make it clear what ages are appropriate for Broadway's Next Hit Musical and let you in on how we handle any not-kid friendly situations. We asked Rob Schiffmann and Deb Rabbai - co-producers and co-artistic directors - to shed some light on the little ones coming.

Why is it important that the show is clean

Rob Schiffmann and Deb Rabbai in Broadway's Next Hit Musical

Rob Schiffmann and Deb Rabbai in Broadway's Next Hit Musical

Rob: Because we want to appeal to as wide an audience as we can. Also, profanity is a cheap way to get laughs. I prefer the challenge of a deeper level.

Deb: As we travel the country performing our show our aim is to be inclusive while entertaining. While it's true we have the ability to not stay clean it's more of an exciting artistic challenge to remain clean. We want everyone to feel excited, entertained and happy at our show whether it be a grandmother or a 10-year-old kid and staying clean is the best way to do that.

Has Broadway's Next always had that philosophy?

Rob: Yes and it has paid off in the form of the varying types of work that I get.

Deb: Absolutely yes. Some groups or entertainers are willing to dip into the well of blue material because it's shocking but frankly it's too easy. It's a greater artistic challenge and offers greater fulfillment  to stay clean while getting your point across.

What age do you think is too young for this show?

Rob: I think that when a parent thinks their kid is able to sit through a 90 minute show and focus on it, they are old enough to come.

Deb: I would echo Rob's answer. If your child can remain focused and seated for 90 minutes it would be great to have them at the show. If pressed I would say five years old might be too young.

Broadway's Next is based on suggestions audience members write down on slips of paper. What if they write something off color? How do you handle that?

Rob: We try to avoid it but when it does come up, we proceed with intelligence and dignity and remember that their may be children in the audience.

Deb: If the suggestion borders on questionable and we end up accepting it the best way to handle it is to take the high road and use our intellect to manage that suggestion. If the suggestion is clearly inappropriate or unacceptable sometimes the best way to manage that is to discard it and go back to the bowl for a suggestion that's less offensive.

What's an example of a suggestion that you got that was not PG? How did you handle it in that moment?

Rob: I got the suggestion "Jewish Dogs Eat Their Own Poop." I turned it into a musical about a zoo for stereotyped animals and how the zoo owner learned a moral lesson. The song then won which meant we had to do the entire musical. It was a little preachy but a good challenge nonetheless.

Deb: Again Rob gives a great example. A very long time ago when we had the ethic to accept whatever suggestion we pulled from the bowl and make the best of it, I got a really inappropriate suggestion "you're a c**t" which I changed to you're  a runt. It was the best I could do in the moment as there was a ten year old sitting in the front row.

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Have a Hit Holiday Party with BNHM & TrivWorks

What does your company party look like every year? Less than inspiring? Or a riot that is fun to top year and year? Either way, BNHM has teamed up with TrivWorks to bring you a holiday party that you will still be talking about on St. Patrick's Day!

We asked TrivWorks creator and CEO David Jacobson some questions to give you the info you need to make this holiday party a hit!

What would a TrivWorks/BNHM party look like?

Companies who bring in TrivWorks/BNHM to produce their office trivia party will first partake in a very brief (10 minute) advance customization call, so that we may tailor both the trivia as well as the overall experience to the specific group in attendance. After researching/writing original questions, we will arrive to the event with a troupe of master improvisers/musicians, as well as a professional corporate event emcee, who will conduct orientation and host full-room rounds of raucous team trivia. In between rounds while score sheets are tabulated, BHNM will take fictional song titles directly from the audience, and spontaneously perform those songs on the spot! The event culminates with a formal awards presentation, followed by a grand finale performance. The entire event is 1-2 hours, and can easily be integrated with cocktails, appetizers, or even a full seated meal.

What’s the number of people that this format works best for?

We can produce hybrid trivia/improvisation holiday parties for groups as small as 15, to 1,000 or more! 

How do you handle pricing?

Pricing is very competitive with other forms of corporate party entertainment; our trivia/improvisation events are available in a variety of formats, to accommodate to a range of entertainment needs and price points

Tell us more how you can tailor the event to our company? 

During our customization call (referenced above), we will utilize a proven process to tailor the experience precisely to the culture of the group in attendance, which requires minimal commitment or time investment on behalf of the client/planner. When crafting trivia questions, we will take into account the group’s age range, gender ratio, nationality, employment duration/managerial level and other key factors, as well as incorporate fun facts, inside jokes, past shared experiences, messages, etc. We will also make sure we know which specific topics to avoid; clients can rest assured there will be nothing political religious, controversial or otherwise inappropriate for a company event setting. For holiday parties, we will also want to know whether spouses/significant others will be in attendance, as we want to ensure they feel welcome and included as well!

What kind of companies have you done parties for in the past?

TrivWorks has produced company holiday parties in NYC and beyond every year since being founded in 2009 (in fact, our first event EVER was a company holiday party!) These have ranged from small businesses/departments with 15-20 people, to Fortune 500 companies with 200+ people.

What are people saying about past parties?

Planners love TrivWorks trivia holiday parties not only because they’re fun, laugh-filled and highly customizable, but also because they’re flexible/adaptable to virtually any venue, and can be done indoors, day or night, snow or shine! They also enjoy the fact that it’s interactive/engaging, and highly social – which is essential for a festive holiday party atmosphere! We also strive to make them turnkey, and as easy as possible for the organizers.

A final note from David Jacobson:

Our holiday parties are a truly unique offering, which groups will almost certainly never have experienced before. If companies are looking to “spice things up” at their annual celebration, this is an extremely compelling, highly professional option which people will be talking about long after the event is over.