Producer's Spotlight: Creating a Rich Life on the Road

Producer and emcee Greg Triggs takes advantage of time spent traveling to get together with far away friends.

Producer and emcee Greg Triggs takes advantage of time spent traveling to get together with far away friends.

Editor's Note: Once a month we ask the producers of Broadway's Next Hit Musical to write for the blog. Greg Triggs (emcee and producer) travels extensively for both Broadway's Next and other projects. Here is how he creates a fulfilling life despite the grind of travel.

I love everything about touring to new places with Broadway’s Next – the camaraderie of the cast, the cool local restaurants, being inspired by new ideas, the way too frequent flyer miles and observing what for better or worse makes each community we visit unique. I’ve strolled the Walk of Governors in WA.  I’ve seen a 3-legged dog in Fallon, NV.   I’ve even met the Mayor of Opelousas, LA.

The best part of touring is the reunions that happen along the way.

I’ve been able to spend the day with my college roommate Liz in Parker, CO.  I’ve performed for my siblings in Madison, WI.  In Olympia, WA I was able to hang out the kids of dear friends who happen to live on the other side of the country.

Yesterday in Hammond, LA I got to be interviewed by a young reporter just starting out. I learned that their paper the Daily Star isn’t published daily.  I discovered that their cypress forest was overrun by little rat like rodents with orange teeth called Nutrias.  When I go back home I will take comfort in good old run of the mill yellow toothed NYC rats.

Best of all, the trip provided a chance to see my good friend Mary Ellen Chamberlin, a retired music teacher from Mississippi.  Her many accomplishments include being one of Britney Spears’ choral teachers.  Mary Ellen drove over two hours listening to Sirius Escape in her Buick to see the show.

After the show, we went to a local restaurant called the Mariner Inn.  Nice place. Mary Ellen enjoyed a Popeye Pork Chop Platter topped with cheese sauce and spinach.  I had the best onion rings this side of a rat with orange teeth.

Mary Ellen and I had a great time catching up. I got to meet her new beau Dr. Dan.  They’re a perfect match.  She told me about her son’s recent wedding.  I saw pictures of her grandchildren. We reminisced about walking down Broadway doing the first post 9/11 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – a job I wasn’t sure I could do.  Mary Ellen’s confidence in me helped me believe I could and so I did.

Thank you Hammond, LA.

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