Travelogue: Restaurants on the Road with Greg Triggs


[Once a month we have a company member report to us about life on the road. This month, it's Greg Triggs sharing what went on during our recent tour Wisconsin Rapids and West Salem, WI]

            One of the things I love most about touring with Broadway’s Next Hit Musical is hanging out with my friends in the cast.  Seeing a new place through their eyes is almost always inspiring.  We do a pretty good job of taking care of each other; especially in regard to food.

            Hands down Eric March and Rob Schiffmann - followed closely by Rachel Dart - are the best at finding a great restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  They’re all committed foodies.  When I on occasion assert myself and choose a restaurant I want to know they’re going to be happy.

            We were just on a tour to Wisconsin Rapids and West Salem, WI.  We flew into my hometown of Madison.  I wanted to show them the best of Wisconsin, so I started researching restaurants before the tour even began.

            I was able to find a place, not too far off the highway about halfway to our final destination.  I carefully read online reviews and ever so tentatively texted Eric with a link and asked, “How does this look?”  He was quick to reply enthusiastically.  With the Frank Bruni of the keys on my side I told everyone we’d be eating at the B & B Hitching Post in Portage, WI.


Greg Triggs on the Red Carpet


            After picking everyone up at the Madison airport we snaked our way through Wisconsin eventually leaving the interstate, getting lost, finding the frontage road, driving past a military installation and finding the parking, or hitching I suppose, lot.  The B&B ain’t fancy, but from the minute we pulled in I felt good about the choice.

            You walk through a vestibule into a bar full of hardworking people wearing hunting clothes or Green Bay Packer memorabilia.  You’re greeted by a few friendly nods or the tip of a brown bottle before being seated.

            The food is hearty.  Amongst the meals we ordered - separate checks, please - were ribs with a choice of several sauces, broasted chicken, shrimp tortellini, stuffed potato skins and pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon – most of which came with complimentary salad bar complete with macaroni salad and dressings that took me right back to my mom’s kitchen.

            Were it not for their incredible biscuits the best part of the meal would’ve been the dessert.  Oh. My. God.  The cake & pie dessert case rivals the Dells and Hochunk Casino as Wisconsin’s best tourist destination.  Dutch apple, coconut cream, Italian Custard Cake and something called seven layers of sin (I’m not sure that’s the exact name but it’s how I’ll remember it) tempted us the minute we walked in. 

Like most temptations, those goodies were totally worth it.

The only thing more impressive than the food was our server Erica.  She was efficient, accommodating and fun.  She handled all our questions and special requests with an unflappable sass that made me proud to be from Wisconsin.

As we left I realized my only regret was that we were there on a Thursday and therefore missed the Friday Fish Fry.  Walking toward our car I was careful to listen for Eric, Rob, and Rachel’s approval.  Their content silence was an affirmation.  We were all leaving the B & B Hitching Post happier for having visited.