Travelogue: Madison, WI

[Note: once a month we have a company member write a Travelogue piece about experiences on the road. For full highlights of these shows - including streaming the winning songs - head here.]

Broadway’s Next Hit Musical just did two wonderful shows in my hometown of Madison, WI.  It was a whirlwind, bracketed by obligations on both sides of the trip but a short time in Madison is worth more than a long stay in many other places.  Walking around the Square, taking friends old haunts, reliving stories of my Uncle A.J.’s unsuccessful bid for mayor, a reunion with Mrs. Jung, my 3rd grade teacher – it was magical.

In the short time we were in Madison I was able to show my friends some of my favorite haunts – the Brat Haus, the Shamrock, Rare Steakhouse and the Chocolate Shoppe where I worked scooping ice cream when I was in high school.

Robert Z. and I grabbed a cone between shows.  I got Almond Fudge Delight.  One scoop.  Wafer cone.  Classic.  Watching students working hard, earning money to pay for their education or a new Pentax SLR as I always was when I was a scooper was a time traveling trip. 

They use the same cleaning products.  The air still carries the same chill from the freezers.  They have the same fashionable smocks we wore way back when.  For a minute I was 18 again with skin slightly sticky from the residue of the best ice cream in Madison, WI.

Walking around the Farmer’s Market with Deb Rabbai was the highlight.  Time and time again I was reminded how lucky I was to grow up in Wisconsin’s Capital City.  Boring Deb with stories of my mom taking me to political rallies, telling her about Old Abe the (taxidermy) Eagle that protects the rotunda and remembering that Madison was organic before organic was organic organically reminded me what a great town Madison is and what an honor it was to come home to perform in the beautiful Overture Center.

Seeing my 3rd grade teacher, cousins, high school friends, family, neighbors and the lawyer that handled my Mom’s estate made it all the better. You can go home again.

Thanks Madison!

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