Travelogue: Bainbridge, GA

[Once a month we have a company member report to us about life on the road. This month, it's Greg Triggs. sharing about our first international tour recent tour in Bainbridge, GA]

The cast and crew (including author Greg Triggs on the far left) with member of the Carter Foundation

Bainbridge Super Fan

Sometimes when I travel to a place like Bainbridge, small, Southern, unlike myself I assume it's going to be a struggle.  On some level I anticipate not fitting in, being judged as the other.  That's not the town's fault.  It's my bad.  It's born of old bad experiences that have no bearing.  Start each day with a clean plate or you're in danger of missing something so worthwhile.

In this case I would've missed the delicious catering of Janice Lewis, AKA J Lew.  What a talented, kind, wonderful woman.  The meal was lovely - roast beef as warm as the woman who made it, chicken that fell off the bone, fresh vegetables, warm rolls and the dessert.  

Oh my.  The dessert.

If you haven't had her strawberry ice box cake it's your loss.  graham cracker crust, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and homemade vanilla pudding swirling together in a trifle like burst of deliciousness.  

While in Bainbridge I also got my haircut at the Wal-Mart, met some other really cool people devoted to their charming hometown and we all got to be part of a performing art series sponsored by President Jimmy Carter.  

I only wish we'd been there on February 23 for Touch a Truck Day.  Oh well.  I left with wonderful memories just the same.

And a killer recipe for strawberry ice box cake.  Thanks Janice!