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Anchorage, Take 3: 10/8

Leaving Alaska with a Phony Award is the song "Dancer's Folly" from the musical Wear It Proudly.

Jean-Luc and Pierre-Phillipe both aspire to be the best dancer in the world but there’s only room for one at the top. Pierre-Phillipe will do anything it takes including manipulating Madame Philipetta to make Jean-Luc wear outlandish costumes. Who will waltz their way to super stardom? And what of poor cockney Jeanette who can barely twirl even though Pierre-Phillipe makes her heart leap? It’s all a "Dancer's Folly" from the show Wear It Proudly.

"The Love Doc of the Jersey Shore" from the musical Head Full of Grease, Heart Full of Love
"Marsupials" from the musical Trouble in Da Jungle
"Unicorns Are for Wimps" from the musical At the End of the Rainbow

Anchorage, Take 2: 10/7

Finally receiving the recognition it deserves, "On My Way To the Bathroom" from the musical Why I Aughta took home the Phony this Saturday.

In a world where almost everyone is named Johnny, there’s sure to be trouble on the way to the john. Johnny Two Lobes isn’t sure on which side of the law he wants to fall. Is he a criminal or a good guy? Are Johnny No-Nose and Johnny Tall-Tall devoted criminals, secret gay lovers or both? And is Antanella pushing pasta or laundering money for the mob? You’re sure to find out during "On My Way To The Bathroom" from the show Why I Aughta!


"Gorgonzola Blueberry" from Sweet Bakery

"A Teenage Dream" from I'm Outta Here

"How Could Anyone" from Bicycle for Two

Anchorage Voted...

From the musical High School High, Nerd Fighters Take Over the Big Stage took home the Phony Award on October 6, 2011.

Sondra is the head cheerleader. Darnell is her smarter than he looks jock boyfriend. Mr. Oosik is the only staff member of High School High. He's the teacher of every class. He is the janitor. He is the principal who is not a pal. It's the nerds vs. the jocks as the school tries to mount the big musical. What no one knows is one girl, Sassy Clarissa is playing on both teams; but she may not know it either. Evidently she suffers from associative personality disorder ...

Which side will win? Find out as nerd fighters take over the big stage in High School High!

The Runners-Up:
Oosik Wrangler
Book Club, The Musical
You Can't Get There From Here