Anchorage Voted...

From the musical High School High, Nerd Fighters Take Over the Big Stage took home the Phony Award on October 6, 2011.

Sondra is the head cheerleader. Darnell is her smarter than he looks jock boyfriend. Mr. Oosik is the only staff member of High School High. He's the teacher of every class. He is the janitor. He is the principal who is not a pal. It's the nerds vs. the jocks as the school tries to mount the big musical. What no one knows is one girl, Sassy Clarissa is playing on both teams; but she may not know it either. Evidently she suffers from associative personality disorder ...

Which side will win? Find out as nerd fighters take over the big stage in High School High!

The Runners-Up:
Oosik Wrangler
Book Club, The Musical
You Can't Get There From Here