Anchorage, Take 3: 10/8

Leaving Alaska with a Phony Award is the song "Dancer's Folly" from the musical Wear It Proudly.

Jean-Luc and Pierre-Phillipe both aspire to be the best dancer in the world but there’s only room for one at the top. Pierre-Phillipe will do anything it takes including manipulating Madame Philipetta to make Jean-Luc wear outlandish costumes. Who will waltz their way to super stardom? And what of poor cockney Jeanette who can barely twirl even though Pierre-Phillipe makes her heart leap? It’s all a "Dancer's Folly" from the show Wear It Proudly.

"The Love Doc of the Jersey Shore" from the musical Head Full of Grease, Heart Full of Love
"Marsupials" from the musical Trouble in Da Jungle
"Unicorns Are for Wimps" from the musical At the End of the Rainbow