Anchorage, Take 2: 10/7

Finally receiving the recognition it deserves, "On My Way To the Bathroom" from the musical Why I Aughta took home the Phony this Saturday.

In a world where almost everyone is named Johnny, there’s sure to be trouble on the way to the john. Johnny Two Lobes isn’t sure on which side of the law he wants to fall. Is he a criminal or a good guy? Are Johnny No-Nose and Johnny Tall-Tall devoted criminals, secret gay lovers or both? And is Antanella pushing pasta or laundering money for the mob? You’re sure to find out during "On My Way To The Bathroom" from the show Why I Aughta!


"Gorgonzola Blueberry" from Sweet Bakery

"A Teenage Dream" from I'm Outta Here

"How Could Anyone" from Bicycle for Two