Synergy and all the Little Extras That Make It Special

So, the last show of the run was "Gloucester, USA" and the song was the one I sang: "He May Be Here".

There were a bunch of interesting behind the scenes references on going on in regard to the little things in this lovely musical we improvised. Well, for me anyway.

I have a friend who lives in Gloucester, Mass and she and her father attended our show countless times. They're both huge supporters of the show and me. Last year around this time of year he unfortunately passed away quite unexpectedly and it was absolutely a shock to the system.

During this particular show where we improvised "Gloucester, USA", I was aware that a student of his was in attendance in the audience. I wasn't really obsessed with it or anything I just sort of remembered it as I got onstage to deliver my song.

So, in the scene that took place before the song someone named the bartender character Charlie, and in that moment I knew I needed to be named Margaret. You see, my friend's father's name was Charlie and his wife's name is Margaret. These opportunities present themselves rarely but I knew that this was my little tribute to him. He would have loved it if he'd been here to see it. I know his student loved it and I loved it. I felt like he was there and I felt connected to this story in a very layered way.

So sometimes it's just improv and sometimes it's something more.

This time it was more for me.


Posted on November 30, 2010 .