One of the greatest things about our show is that it is constantly in the moment ... it's the only time it could or will exist. This morning I was watching ALL THAT JAZZ which I dragged my friends to eight times before I could drive. Before the video revolution that's how you saw movies multiple times, as long as Bill Massino could get his Dad's car.

There's no way ALL THAT JAZZ would be made today. It's very specific and the best of it reminds me of BROADWAY'S NEXT HIT MUSICAL. It tells the story the audience wanted to hear at that moment.

I can only imagine how great Airotica would be with Rob Schiffmann and Rebecca Vigil.

Last week's songs included Moon Over My Hammy and You Want to Put What, Where?. Come find out what the latest titles will be this coming Thursday, November 18th at 8pm. It's the last show of this run. Hope to see you there.
Posted on November 15, 2010 .