"A Good Title"

People often wonder if the things they yell out/write down at an improv show are the kinds of suggestions that we improvisers want to get. Some yell what they consider to be funny suggestions with the thought (I think) that these types of suggestions will help us out. Some yell dirty things with a similar intent as the funny people. Some yell out references to political or social issues. I'd love to say that any of these are just peachy and ultimately, it is true that we can make any of them work and work well. Truthfully, however, what we improvisers really WANT and thrive on are nice, simple suggestions of everyday thoughts.

When we ask for a location, we don't need you to yell out "a bathroom" or "a brothel" or "inside a pumas' brain." If the first thing you think of is beach, then yell "a beach." Similarly when we ask for a song title, you can write down anything that comes to you. If "Grandma's House" is what comes to mind, write that. If "the square root of 2" come to mind, write that.

To sum up, we will do our best to turn ANY suggestion into gold, but for you...the pressure's off! We do our best work when we trust in the moment and speak what is in our minds. You have that freedom.

And, of course, if you would enjoy writing something down something funny... than go for it and we will make that rock too.

Come try your suggestion skills on March 12, at 10pm, at The Triad.
Posted on March 9, 2010 .