Talkin' 'Bout My Inspiration!

It's so fun to get up onstage and see the audience staring at me hoping that I don't screw anything up and that I make them feel comfortable enough to want to laugh and exhale. I love that moment! The audience is a little worried for me. They don't know if I'm going to fail in front of them and they'll have to hide their eyes and feel sorry for me or if they can celebrate with me as I take them on a fun little ride somewhere. I like to think about places I'd like to go in real life while I'm not performing and then I let all those thoughts wash over me as I'm being inspired to make up the song or musical. I think of people's names that I know and funny names of streets or families or locations that I read about or heard about in the last weeks. It's so fun to pull out some little fact or tidbit from the past or the present. So hey, get to know us, your name or some other little fact about you might end up onstage. You never know!
Posted on January 25, 2010 .