Robert Z

Get out of my head! Actors and improvisers use this mantra to remind themselves to stop thinking and just 'be in the moment.' In this instance, I am referring to the catchy, hook-y, burned-in-the-brain details of songs we create while improvising our show. I LOVE singing, and I LOVE improvising songs, but darned if those songs don't keep replaying over and over in my head long after the curtain comes down. Maybe it's the spontaneity of it all. Maybe it's the odd titles, or often clever lyrics, the melodies... maybe it's everything. In fact, I can still remember the chorus and melody of the FIRST song I ever improvised, and that was *unintelligible mumbling* years ago. I guess there are much worse things than walking around humming a tune for days after leaving the theater. Maybe you should give it a try.
Posted on October 15, 2009 .