Debbie Rabbai says...

Sometimes people say "So Debbie, how do you make up those songs that you sing at the Triad?"
Well, Inspiration can be an elusive little needle in a haystack!
However, I always look forward to my moment onstage when I put my hand into the fishbowl and pull out what can become a memorable, hilarious or brain twister of a song. It's always exciting to me. Kind of like Christmas morning when you're a kid and you get to finally open those well wrapped cool shaped presents with your name on them. My favorite types of song titles are ones that evoke emotion or a mood. I always find that inspiring.
Some of the more challenging song titles for me are ones that have a famous person's name in them or a current event. I feel like life is inundated with news stories about the latest scandal or budget issue or crime and seeing it on a song slip just makes me feel like I have to recall what the facts of the event actually are and then somehow find a way to do it justice and add an interesting or humorous spin to it. Hopefully...
I hope to see you this Friday night at the show and I hope that whatever song title I pick will inspire something fantastic. Maybe the song slip I pick will be written by YOU!
Posted on October 17, 2009 .