Travelogue: Robert Z. Grant at Coastal Carolina in Conway, SC

[Once a month we have a company member report to us about life on the road. This month, it's Robert Z. Grant sharing what went during our recent tour Conway, SC]

I am so happy to report that my trip to the Myrtle Beach area to perform with Broadway's Next Hit Musical in December was NOT my first time in SC this year... or even my first time at Coastal Carolina this year. I was at Coastal Carolina in March, when I was part of a professional exchange and performances with the incredibly talented and engaged students of Coastal Carolina University. (Chaunts up!) It was at that time that the secret of BNHM was introduced, and the amazing and generous administrators and faculty promptly booked the show. So, it was especially exciting to be able to share my work this month as an improviser and singer, in addition to the acting work we focused on in March.


Listen to Robert Z. Grant Improvise


But, enough about me. Let's talk about the people and places of Conway, SC. I already mentioned the superb administrators and faculty at CCU. With their support, BNHM played the Edwards Black Box Theater to a sold-out house! When we hit the road, we never know what to expect in terms of venues and attendance and it is so terrific to land in a place that seems tailor-made for our show. 


The audience was a dream mix of people of all ages, community members and students alike. As with most of the shows, the details of what happened on stage are a blur. But, I remember we had a rockin' good time. And I remember that Stefan flew! (I still have the sore shoulders to prove it.) I also remember that my character's name was Mortimer. And as I said in the show, "There's more to mer than merts the er." (Had to be there.)

This was a fast trip, so there was not much time to enjoy the sights and sounds. The weather was wonderfully mild. We knew we were in the South, but Winter weather can be hit or miss. Luckily we were a HIT! (See what I did there?!) Some of the crew arrived a day early and explored the beauty of the area. Hopefully, they will share some of their own highlights in the comments below.

Standing on a stage in a theater, it can be difficult to have any sense of where you are in the world. At Coastal, it felt like home!

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