Travelogue: Rachel Bouton on Running on the Road

A quiet dirt road in Farmington, MO. A perfect place for a morning run. 

A quiet dirt road in Farmington, MO. A perfect place for a morning run. 

[Once a month we ask a member of our company to write about their adventures on the road. This month it's Rachel Bouton toured to Farmington, MO to perform at the Farmington Civic Center.]

When OK Cupid asks the question “What 6 things could you not live without” my answer has always been:

  • Bagels
  • Improv
  • Pizza
  • Tacos
  • Travel
  • Running

Not necessarily in that order.

Merging Running Schedules and Touring Schedules

I don’t always get to indulge in all 6 of those things while on the road with BNHM, but I do almost always make sure to get out for a long run wherever we are. Exploring a new place on foot has always felt to me like the best way to take in a town and when I found out recently that I would be running the NYC Marathon this November, it became apparent that I would be doing many of my long training runs while I was out for shows.

A lot of runners would have felt frustrated by this disruption in their schedule, but I was psyched. I love lacing up my Brooks and hitting the road in whatever town we happen to be playing in. Last month when I found myself stomping down the street on a beautiful day in Farmington, MO I turned on some upbeat country jams (when in Missouri right!?) and hit the road for my first long training run of the year, and it felt great!

Enjoying A New Setting

It is so hard to escape the noise and the people when you’re running in NYC and Farmington was just the place to log a few miles skating up and down beautiful tree-lined streets and smelling the freshly blooming spring flowers.

After my run was over, I went back to my hotel room and ordered a pizza before heading to the show. Run, Pizza, Improv? Three outta six ain’t half bad. 

See Rachel In a Show

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Watch The Red Carpet from the Farmington Civic Center


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