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Producer's Spotlight: Ralph Buckley on Last Night's Show

[Editor's Note: Once a month we hear from one of Broadway's Next's Producers to give a peak into the process of creating, performing, and maintaining our show. This month it's with actor and producer Ralph Buckley.]

What a great night for BNHM! It was so gratifying to have BNHM back in our NYC home, The Triad.

2 cast members made their NYC BNHM debuts: Daniel Tepper and host Marc T. Engberg.

Also we welcomed special guest, David Jacobson from TrivWorks, who conducted a mini Tony Awards-themed trivia contest at intermission.

Co-winners Sarah and Rachel answered the questions:

What musical did the character Sky Masterson appear in? (Guys & Dolls)

Which 80's sitcom character is also a character in Avenue Q? (Gary Coleman)

What is the longest running show in Broadway history? (Phantom of the Opera)

If you knew the answers to any of these question, you might want attend the special Trivworks/BNHM hosted NYC’S ULTIMATE BROADWAY TRIVIA NIGHT/AWARDS SHOW on Tuesday, June 7. The grand prize is 2 tickets to the dress rehearsal of the actual Tony Awards!

Favorite moments from our BNHM opening night performance were:

Host Marc's hilarious riff on the unseen presentation of the BNHM "technical awards" held in Ballroom B of the Holiday Express Inn in White Plains.

Stefan's versatility in playing a giraffe, a dedicated Prohibition era cop and the moon.

Annie and Daniel's duet in which they recreated a competitive 1950's sister brother Pillsbury Bake-Off team who dreamed of escaping their hometown of "Stevesville" and making it to "Paulsburg".

Daniel's hysterical portrayal Corey Hart of Sunglasses At Night fame.

Annie shining as the official neck tattoo artist of the "Gin Whiskey Bathtub Ladies' Club."

Rob's virtuosity in playing the bagpipes, a corrupt alcoholic Scottish-accented police chief and a romantic boyfriend who suddenly becomes a werewolf.

The Phony Award winning song, "Snakes On A Dame" from the musical, "Speaks Not So Easy", written by Gabe Finkelstein, choreographed by Tasha and wonderfully performed by heroine Rachel who was torn between love for her husband and how she feels when she gets hopped up on bathing gin.

And finally, Eric March's underrated brilliance in composing every musical moment in the show.

I look forward to 4 more weeks of hilarity and song. Well done all BNHMers!

On the Red Carpet with Marc T. Engberg

Winning Song

Our Spring Run Is Different!

Bringing an audience member onstage to help us lift Robert Z. Grant. Probably wouldn't happen in January

Bringing an audience member onstage to help us lift Robert Z. Grant. Probably wouldn't happen in January

Spring is in the air and a new Broadway show is opening every week! That can only mean that it's time for the 2016 Tony Awards. And if it's time for the Tony Awards, then, well, it's time for the Phony Awards!

You saw Broadway's Next Hit Musical in January. Ho hum. Right? Been there done that? Hold on...

Comparing Winter and Spring Runs 

Each year Broadway's Next Hit Musical does a run of shows in January and a run of shows in the spring. The basic format of the show is the same, of course, but there are definitely differences that we make from one run to the other.

In January there is a big conference for producers and presenters in New York City. So we have a few shows to basically audition for them. The show looks exactly the way that we would do it on the road - four actors, an emcee, a piano player. We keep the references general so they appeal to everyone around the country. Overall the show is tight, clean, and fast.

In our May and June shows, however, the story changes a bit. These shows are for our local audiences and we add in extras for them.

Special Springtime Extras

More New York/Broadway-centric. Since we're not looking to appeal to general audiences, you'll find references to local events, politics, and whatever is on the minds of New Yorkers at the time. We are more playful and a little looser.

The first extra is a fifth actor. Having a fifth actor means that we get to include a duet in the first act. Because our cast works together so much, this provides an opportunity for give and take that we don't often see in Act I. Many times these songs get chosen as the audience favorite.

The second extra is special guests. We're lining them up for this run and will be announcing them as we get closer to the show. Our special guests sometimes co-emcee, sometimes they do a song from the Broadway show they are known for. Last year, Telly Leung sang a song that was cut from Allegiance. Audiences wouldn't even have been able to see it if they saw the Broadway show!

Tickets Available Now

Tickets are on sale on the tickets & info page. They start at only $15 and go up from there. Note: we just heard from someone the other day who was in the back row of the balcony and said he had the BEST time. We can't wait to see you there!

Blog readers can use the discount code: BETTERSEATS and get front balcony seats at rear balcony prices!