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Show Highlights: Macomb, IL

Date: 11/15/16

Venue: Andrew and Jessie Hainline Theatre, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

Cast: Marc T. Engberg, Matt Giroveanu, Robert Z. Grant, Eric March (piano), Megan Reilly, Rob Schiffmann

Phony Award-Winning Song: What're Your Plans After School

Original Hit Musical: Lunch Locker

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Take Home YOUR Sho 

Show Highlights: Madison, WI

Date: 08/20/16
Venue: Capitol Theater at the Overture Center for the Arts
Cast: Gary Adler (piano), Matt Giroveanu, Robert Z. Grant,  Deb Rabbai, Stefan Schick, Greg Triggs (emcee)

Phony Award-Winning Songs: "Alexander Hamilton Meets Marilyn Monroe" (2PM show) and "My Fat Cat Harley" (8PM show)


Red Carpet Video

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