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The Phony Goes To...

Poor Frizelda, a teen witch with raven colored hair, is isolated in the woods of Winston Salem in 1692. Her mother protects her the best she can but everyone knows that mornings are for going to market and there Frizelda meets Reginald Walter the witch hunter. It's love at first sight. When he glimpses her pearly white fangs he's a besotted fool willing to do anything. He'll even turn on Mr. Salem the head witch hunter Frizelda's mother had an affair with 18 years prior. Witch-ever outcome, witch-ever way it goes, one thing is for sure--love can shine through the darkest of clouds as proven during DON'T RAIN ON MY LAPTOP from the show GET OUTTA HERE DEMON!

The Final NYC Phony Award of 2011 Goes To~~~

An international team of astronauts is sent on a mission: To stop the sun from exploding. But when the spacecraft comes to a sudden halt, it is clear that a saboteur in the mix. Amanda and fellow male astronaut join forces when they realize they are both from Hackensack. And obviously "You can trust everyone in Jersey."

Will the sun explode? Will Amanda's potential for love be ruined by her friend's wife back on earth? See what happens in this out-of-this-world, out-of-this-species musical, A Voyage to the Sun featuring the song "I Left My Heart In Hackensack."

The Audience Voted...

Called a "trannys-formational" musical, The Solution Cuts Both Ways brought home the Phony award this week. This tale follows a secret passion that inspires a once beef-of-a-man to live out a normal life as a tranny, Robin. Her free spirit and passion touches her closest friends. But when the two sons of Robin's lady friend plan to overthrow their mother's lifestyle in "Throw Mamma From the Tranny," you wonder if the whole cast will make it through alive...

This show is best enjoyed with Gatorade or vodka (straight, of course).

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The St. Patrick's Day Phony Goes To~

"I Squeezed My Love Like a Bagpipe" from the musical, The Great Regret, is the story about "a Scottish man's irrational enthusiasm for St. Patrick's day." The show takes the audience on a journey from Scotland to the US as a man tries to escape a mistake that continues to haunt him. Will he find refuge in the new world or will he find that his avengers and night terrors came after him?

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