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Show Highlights: Macomb, IL

Date: 11/15/16

Venue: Andrew and Jessie Hainline Theatre, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

Cast: Marc T. Engberg, Matt Giroveanu, Robert Z. Grant, Eric March (piano), Megan Reilly, Rob Schiffmann

Phony Award-Winning Song: What're Your Plans After School

Original Hit Musical: Lunch Locker

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Meet Two of Our Newest Members!

Matt Giroveanu

Matt Giroveanu

Broadway's Next Hit Musical has been touring extensively. More shows means more tours and more tours means more cast members. Since you are going to be seeing them onstage in the next few weeks as the touring season keeps on going, we want to make sure you have a chance to get to know one another.

And seeing as they're newbies, we put the work on them. (At one point they called for an edit, nah, we just left it in to keep it real)

Matt Giroveanu's bread and butter comes from voice overs, so it's no surprise that when tasked with the job of interviewing his fellow freshman member he recorded it, radio-style. It made for a great interview that we posted to Sound Cloud.

Here Matt interviews Daniel Tepper about joining the show, whether or not babies listen to lyrics, and what goes great with crackers.

Daniel Tepper

Daniel Tepper

Daniel Tepper and Matt Giroveanu will be performing their first show with Broadway's Next H!T Musical in Bloomington, IL on Thursday April 16th and in Ottumwa, IA on April 17th. 

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