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The Phony Goes To...

Poor Frizelda, a teen witch with raven colored hair, is isolated in the woods of Winston Salem in 1692. Her mother protects her the best she can but everyone knows that mornings are for going to market and there Frizelda meets Reginald Walter the witch hunter. It's love at first sight. When he glimpses her pearly white fangs he's a besotted fool willing to do anything. He'll even turn on Mr. Salem the head witch hunter Frizelda's mother had an affair with 18 years prior. Witch-ever outcome, witch-ever way it goes, one thing is for sure--love can shine through the darkest of clouds as proven during DON'T RAIN ON MY LAPTOP from the show GET OUTTA HERE DEMON!

When in Long Island...

It was either fate or hunger that led us to the 5-acre Entenmann's Bakery/Factory in Long Island. Just a short ride from the highway and with 30 minutes before call time, we found ourselves running into this warehouse stocked with walls of cookies, cakes, cookies, donuts, cookies, coffee, and cookie scented candles.

If you ever pass through Bay Shore, NY don't forget to pick up some coffee cake.
30 Inez Dr.
Bay Shore, NY 11706

The Last Winning Song of 2012~~~

Who says the American Space Program is on hiatus? A group of space explorers is out searching for a new planet to replace Pluto when Benjamin the Navigation Officer veers the vessel off-course by following Captain McCloskey's orders! Now it looks like they're lost in space! Thanks to his love for Miriam the space-hottie perhaps the Captain can find their way back home in time for Benjamin to be reunited with his wife Tabitha and the three puppies he has yet to meet. It could all boil down to Maddie the space pilot of questionable gender but she's got a case of the stupids ... and it's contagious! The whole thing is Out There, Far Out There, featuring the award winning song, "Steve Give Me a Sign!"