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Your Awards Night

If you've been following us on Instagram, you'll know that we have been doing quite a few corporate events. They usually seem pretty fancy and glamorous with big stages, elaborate sets, and of course - us! But what are we doing there? Is it like the touring show? What is going on exactly?
(l-r)Eric March, Annie Schiffmann, Rob Schiffmann, John Cameron Telfer,
and Deb Rabbai at a recent corporate event.

Here is what happens on many of our "corporate gigs." (That's the official BNHM term for them)

It should be said that we perform at many kinds of corporate meetings, and you can find out more on our website. But we'll dive a little deeper and chat about awards nights since this is the world we've been in recently.  It makes sense: we create hundreds of (spoof) awards nights every year, so who knows how to make awards shows fun better than we do?

Many times company awards dinners lack something. There is lots of clapping and photos being taken. Usually everyone's all dressed up and the food is great. But for the audience who isn't winning an award it's kind of like attending a baby shower.  Someone else goes home with all of the good stuff and you're just there to watch them open it.

We like to add our own flair and pizzazz to award ceremonies so that everyone in the room - the winners, the attendees, and the executives have a great night out. We throw in one liners to nominee lists, we sing songs about the winners. We take the energy of the room and crank it up a few notches. 

Just like we do with our traveling show, we research the company ahead of time to understand what is in the zeitgeist. What are employees talking about? What's the company culture? Who are the big personalities? What are the buzzwords that everyone is using? We've learned more than you'd think about insurance sales, general contracting, and brewing beer this way. We play with the fun personalities, throw around the buzzwords that everyone uses, and reference memorable moments from the past year.

So imagine that as you're going through the awards night for your company at that moment when you feel the audience is more focused on their dessert than the stage - the cast of Broadway's Next H!t Musical brings the fishbowl out and sings a song based on the suggestions from the crowd. Instant adrenaline shot for the room!

Think we would give your awards night the panache the winners deserve? Contact Rob Schiffmann the co-artistic director/producer at 917.478.5622 to find out more.

See you at YOUR big night!

Runners Up 4/09/11

A young English immigrant is the catalyst for change at the candy shop of the rich and wealthy of Missouri when he bites into "Felt Tipped Pretzel Rods" from the show Fancy Treats.

See What Develops when the only film developer in all of Italy and the world, breaks his code of ethics and looks at some photos. You will leave wanting "Lotions and Potions that Make You Chafe."

On the docks of Louisiana, sexual harassment is all the rage, but these guys are just Bluffin', when they sing "I'd Hit That."

Running Up on 3/14

When meat goes awry at a meat packing plant, it's no wonder you might say "I Have the Worst Diarrhea" from the musical E-Coli?---

Ninja, a controversial musical about the first female ninja, follows Kotonamo in "Poof," as she learns how to be the best of her kind-by disappearing.

After years living on an island with no one but her husband, Marjorie sends out bottle after bottle of SOS love messages, only to be surprised when her knight in shining armor arrives singing, "You're My Little Poop Machine" from the musical, Island Romance.

BNHM would like to thank the National Scatology Society for their contributions to tonight's show.


You know her as Bitsy von Muffling from Sex and the City. You couldn't get enough of her in Gypsy & Hairspray. You are hoping to see her up close and personal. Well now you can! New York stage and TV star Julie Halston will be co-hosting THIS MONDAY, March 14 at 9PM at the Triad.

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Don't forget to vote for Broadway's Next H!T Musical for the 2011 INNY Awards!

The Geico Guy, Michael McGlone, joins BNHM to ring in an improv-tastic St. Patty's day this Thursday at the Triad. Stay tuned for more details!