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BNHM making a SPLASH

This Monday, the cast of Broadway's Next H!T Musical will make a special one-act performance at SPLASH BAR's "Curtain Call." Stop by Monday night for this special engagement.

50 W. 17th Street

WHEN: Monday, March 28 starting at 11:30PM

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The Audience Voted...

Called a "trannys-formational" musical, The Solution Cuts Both Ways brought home the Phony award this week. This tale follows a secret passion that inspires a once beef-of-a-man to live out a normal life as a tranny, Robin. Her free spirit and passion touches her closest friends. But when the two sons of Robin's lady friend plan to overthrow their mother's lifestyle in "Throw Mamma From the Tranny," you wonder if the whole cast will make it through alive...

This show is best enjoyed with Gatorade or vodka (straight, of course).

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Valerie Smaldone THIS WEEK with BNHM

Join the cast of BNHM this week with a special guest appearance by award-winning radio personality, Valerie Smaldone. You know what she sounds like. So come out put the voice to a face!

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