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Mark Your Calendars! BNHM is Coming to NYC!!!

Broadway's Next Hit Musical will be back in NYC for two nights only!!

We'll be putting more details up on our Tickets & Info Page once they become available. But take the time now to mark your calendars. 

We'll be back in our NYC home, The Triad (which started using the name Stage 72 and then stopped using the name Stage 72, but we keep it in there because Google Maps still uses the name Stage 72 and we don't want you to be confused).

The dates are:

Friday, January 15th 7PM

Saturday, January 16th 9:15PM.

We'll keep you posted when tickets go on sale, but consider this your Save the Date!!!

Posted on November 10, 2015 .

Tony's Week Phony Winner is...

"Nascar Race is the Place to Be," but as the cars zip through Nascarnia each year, they bring a wind that destroys the whole town. Finally fed up with the annual rebuild, citizens of Nascarnia decide to overthrow Nascar Renee, the racer of all racers. Is Nascarnia rid forever of the race or does Nascar Renee huff and puff and blow the town down? Find out in Windfall, featuring the hit song, "Nascar Race is he Place to Be."