The Best Moments of YOUR Show!

You saw Broadway's Next Hit Musical, you loved the show. Maybe you've added us on Snapchat or followed us on Instagram.   Either way, you may have noticed that we put out a LOT of content every day. And if you'd like to see some of the bits and pieces from the show that you attended, it could become a bit of a blur.

Enter Show Highlights

To make it easier to find all of the content that we put out for the show that you saw in particular, we've created a category on our blog called Show Highlights. You'll be able to find the Winning Song, Red Carpet Video, backstage pics, reviews and even fan art! We've curated it all for you and put it in one spot.


With over 50 dates a year, it's not easy to curate all of this content. If you don't see your show up, we're just getting through the backlog of past shows. 

Click Around

So, put in the name of the city where you saw Broadway's Next Hit Musical here to search for your show's Highlights. Or, click below to scroll through and find the shows that you saw!

Posted on October 19, 2016 and filed under Announcements.