Travelogue: Pensacola Tour!

What a time we had in Pensacola, Florida! Tears (of laughter) were shed. Pounds were not.

Since we tour as extensively as we do, we all have the individual goal to get to all 50 states. I have already achieved this and so it was simply for the joy of companionship that I chose to go with Robert Z. Grant to Alabama for a quick sojourn to eat a meal and check one more state off his list. Thus on Monday evening, we headed out to dine with our neighbors to the west.  Many shrimp and exponentially more grits were consumed. Joy abounded and inspired such new Robert Z. gems as “Cousband”, a new word meaning ‘what you get when you marry your cousin’.

Rob Schiffmann and Rachel Dart at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Rob Schiffmann and Rachel Dart at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Tuesday morning started with a trip to Fort Pickens as part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and a quick dip in the Gulf. I had never had a quick dip in the Gulf before and, apart from fear of sharks and their brethren, it was a lovely experience. Sitting on the sand, I watched as many a crab walked sideways and I was reminded that this is an excellent and poignant metaphor for life in general.

After a trip to Target and another one to Winn Dixie, I returned to the hotel and then traveled on to Pensacola State College.  The show was exactly what we hope for: entertaining AND educational. We touched on topics as varied as aging and the struggle to find and retain one’s purpose, feminism and oppression in the candy industry and even arson in the classical music community, a subject that is on EVERYONE’S mind. The winning musical explored science and space travel and the distances the human heart will go travel for love. This was quite relatable to me because I know the answer for myself: I will travel ANY distance as long as it brings be back to Pensacola!

Posted on October 2, 2015 and filed under Travelogues.