How Do I Get My Phony Award Winning Song


Although many people think it’s a joke, when the emcee says from the stage that you’ll get a free download of the winning song - you’ll actually get a free download of the winning song!

So here’s how you can make sure that you get the download of the Phony Award winner from a show that you attend.

Before the Show

Head over to and you’ll be able to choose the show that you’re about to see. Once you do that, you’re automatically on our email list and you’ll get the download when it’s available.

After the Show - in the Lobby

We have a sign up sheet in the lobby, as you walk out you can write down your email and we’ll send you the download when it’s available. Beware: this is not a good option unless you have really, really good penmanship. It can be hard to read all of those names!

After the Show - Anywhere Else

Even if it’s after the show, head to and right on the home page you’ll be able to sign up for the winning download of the song from the show that you attended.

But I Never Got Mine

Oh no! You never got your download! Sorry about that! We are human and sometimes there are errors involved. Send Annie an email letting her know what date, city, state, and time (if you saw an evening or a matinee) of the show you saw and we’ll make sure to get you your download. Sorry, we can only send you downloads from 2016 and after.

Get the Full Original Cast Recording

For the full cast recording of the show that you saw, shop our store and pick yourself up a copy!

Posted on January 22, 2019 .