Memorable Melodies: A Step by Step Guide How Broadway's Next H!T Musical Improvises a Song

by Rob Schiffmann

1) Listen to the music: let it get into your soul just like you were listening to Aretha or Stevie. Or, in this case, Sutton or Kelli.

2) Accept the groove: let it infect you and start to move you a dose of sweet musical cortizone.

3) Breathe: in and out and in and things that go that way.

4) Open your mouth: like when you are about to eat a big beautiful steak but in this case, it's not going in, it's coming out and it's not steak (thank God), it's sound.

5) Sing the first thing that comes to your mind: Let it be about love or snakes or clouds or chili peppers. Whatever comes, accept it. It is similar to a tax rebate, in that way. Don't judge the amount. Just be happy there is one.

6) Make the melody move in simple and repetitive ways: things that go that way.

7) Follow the energy as it rises from section to section: It's like being pulled on water skis. You have to ride the waves and trust the motion. I say this having NEVER water skied in my life. I just assume it's similar but less wet.

8) Follow that energy as it reaches it's conclusion and then you rest: things that go that way.

Wanna see this in practice? 5/29, 6/5, 6/12, 6/19 & 6/26 @ 7pm @ Stage 72 would be a great place to do JUST THAT!
Posted on May 29, 2014 .