Broadway's Next H!T Musical would like to spotlight Kobi Libii, our "cartoonishly" funny guy!

What is your favorite part of the show?

Sweating in a tuxedo. Somehow it's classier than sweating elsewhere.

Who or what inspired you to do improv?

I just followed my dreams and my pathological need for approval.

How long have you been singing/improvising?

Improvising since high school, singing since church choir at age, I dunno, 5?

I don't think this is what my church choirmaster had in mind when teaching

me to harmonize.

What has been your favorite improvisational journey/character that you have played?

For some reason I love playing cartoonishly masculine assholes--think Gaston in Beauty and the Beastor that guy who picked on you in high school. I once improvised a character like this who was named Don Johnson. I loved playing that guy.

When you aren't found at the Phony Awards, where might you be out in the city?

Sweating through something less classy than a tuxedo.

How do you keep it all together when you are up on stage doing your thing?

I think of something sad, like the audience not approving of me.

What was your first gig in musical improv?

My college improv group, Just Add Water at Yale.

How did you become a part of BNHM?

I knew some of the people involved in BNHM from a different improv theater we all work at (Chicago City Limits). They invited me to come play around with the group, sort of an informal get-to-know-you/try-out. We all hit it off and the rest is as much as it

happened in the past.

What is it like for you to take the stage here in NYC?



Everything about me is chronicled in my memoir, Kobi Libii: Please Approve of My Life Choices