Greg says, “Understudy Over-Talented”

Greg Trigg's Understudy Nancy Witter
 I am out of town on a job, so the latest performer in our roster of emcees will open on October 28th.  Please welcome the very talented Nancy Witter to the Broadway’s Next Hit Musical family. 
Very talented. 
It’s hard to have an understudy that’s very talented.  You’re thrilled to watch them while they’re performing but part of you sits back and wonders, “what if she’s better than me?”  That’s the time you take a deep breath and just accept that in some ways she will be better.  Some people will like her more.  Some people will laugh louder at her jokes than they have at mine.  Some people will prefer a woman to a man.  It’s subjective and that’s just fine.  Someone out in the audience will be disappointed that I’m not there.  Okay, so it’s going to be the server I tip $5 for my second act glass of wine, but I’ll still be missed.  No one will have time to realize it though.  They’ll be too busy laughing at the hilarious, talented and much appreciated Nancy Witter.
Posted on October 24, 2010 .