Rob Writes: "New Member"

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"New Member"

Tonight we start rehearsing with Rebecca Vigil, our newest cast member. We will be teaching her the show and getting used to working with a new entity. It's interesting to think about what is most important to teach when teaching this show. Is it the basic structure? Is it elements of our basic improv philosophy? Is it just reps of improvised songs? Is it some combination therein?

To answer that , I am asking myself what is a basic change in my mindset that has to happen when I do this show. I know that it is very important to tell a good story and yet, that can be very difficult to do when improvising (or when not improvising for that matter). In order to create a good and simple story in this structure, all the players have to be playing at a very mentally quiet and yet aware level. To know the structure is one thing but to not struggle within it is a totally different and zen thing.

So maybe tonight should be about teaching the structure but also about helping Rebecca to immediately begin to quiet her mind in it and allow the story to come.

Or maybe we should just have a dance party.

Come see Rebecca in action in our Oct / Nov run at The Triad.
Posted on September 20, 2010 .