Melody Man

2 people stood on stage. One was highly emotional and about to sing. The other was pimping the first one to do just that. The pre-singing ball of emotion was filled with thoughts about his situation in the scene. When he could take it no more, and with the aid of the able-fingered piano player, he began to sing. The song that flew from his mouth was a string of thoughts about the situation he had been in. There was cool imagery. There was fun rhyme...both internal and at the end of each line. AND YET...the audience sat still....unmoved by this blast of pure emotion. Why? How could this be?

Then, from the back of the room, came the sound of movement. All eyes turned. The singer stopped singing. The waiters / waitresses stopped serving. The piano player did a downward gliss ending in nothing. Could it be? Was it possible?

It was...


Melody man had arrived to insert himself into this rhyming stream of consciousness and in no time, the audience was on it's feet, dancing, applauding and singing along. All it took was a little repetition, simplicity and a few well-placed rhythmic and organic melodic moments to turn this temporary tragedy into a voracious victory.

And it was all thanks to...

Posted on June 10, 2010 .