Robert Z had this to say....

Boldly go! This last show was full of those moments when I felt good about just acting on an idea and not worrying about the consequences. Trusting, if you will, that my castmates would adhere to the "make your scene partner look good" motto as much as I would for any of them. I often find myself sitting on an idea because I worry about stealing focus or derailing another's idea. This week, chucking the worry led to some fun surprises. And, without the fun surprises, what's the point?
'Going boldly' could also apply to the emotional commitment of the song. My fellow castmates are more clever than I when it comes to lyrics, yet I strive to enhance that skill for myself. This week, I had an unplanned experiment on stage where I just committed to my point of view, had a strong emotional connection, and the words just followed. Others can judge whether these lyrics were any more clever or interesting than any other song I've created on the spot, but it felt easier to improvise a song this week while riding that emotional wave. Woo-hoo!
Posted on October 21, 2009 .