A message from Rob:

"Friday's show was a TOTAL blast. The group was incredibly playful and everyone's work was excellent. I think that being playful on stage as an improviser is both quite enjoyable and incredible important for an audience. I sometimes think that the audience enters into an unspoken contract with us. These people, who are not necessarily the kind of people who enjoy speaking in public, let alone calling out 'suggestions', will agree to make themselves vulnerable in that way if we agree to take their ideas and do our best to make turn those ideas into gold. It can be scary for an audience to watch actors risk 'failure'. The only way that we actors can make the audience comfortable is by sticking to our part of the contact and by showing the audience that we are not worried. That's where the playfulness comes in. So, while it's a blast to play with my fellow cast mates, it is also a very important thing for an audience to see."
Posted on October 26, 2009 .