Is it a musical or is it improv?

Is it a musical or is it improv? Well... both. One of my castmates mentioned yesterday, as we were talking about last week's show, that the balance of these two elements (musical v. improv) tips in different directions every show. I think that is what draws our fans to the show time and again. Sometimes the musical numbers are just unbelievable, and the level of musicality is riding high. Other times, it is the pure inventiveness and bold attack of improv and storytelling that becomes the spectacle. I think we are always trying to keep both sides operating at a high level. It is nice to know that if the music isn't clicking, the show doesn't fall apart. In fact, it may even make the improv shine brighter. The structure of this show is genius in the way it balances 'the funny' with the songs-- it's a HIT combination!
Posted on October 29, 2009 .