Swell show last night, which I suspect was inspired in part by the success of the Beatles version of GUITAR BAND or ROCK HERO, whichever one it is. YOKO OH NO by Christine Turner brought the house down and won the award this week, which thanks to my forgetting to buy a new trophy was a bottle of Bitters from the bar, which actually turned out to be kind of fun. Thank God I didn't grab the Roses Lime Juice instead.

This week I was really struck my how much the audience affects the show. That might be an obvious point, but each crowd has it's own energy and personality. It's so much fun to play with from the stage. I hope it feels that way in the house as well. We're at the Triad for another three weeks (Fridays at 10PM) so make sure to come by and be part of the fun.

Afterward we went to the Candle Bar on Amsterdam and two women in their 40s tried to pick Daniel (our marketing guy, looking great in a tux) and I up. See what you miss when you're not there???
Posted on October 12, 2009 .