1000s of Scenes

You know when you are doing something for the first time and you're kind of freaking out about it? And then you look over and see someone else who has done the same thing hundreds of times before? That person is free, loose, even kind of graceful in how he does it. And then there's you.

Recently, a longtime improviser friend tapped me to be in his 1000 Scenes Project. Morgan Phillips has the goal of doing 1000 online improv scenes in a year. They're all done via Google Hangout which then turns them into YouTube Videos. (You can see all of the ones that Broadway's Next Hit Musical company members have been a part of here)

For me, doing a video like this was nerve wracking and brought up a host of perfectionism anxieties. Not so for Morgan, who had literally done hundreds of them before. So I had a conversation with him (via Google Hangouts, bien sur) to delve in deeper about perfectionism, self-consciousness, and many of the other things we all deal with that can pop up in a project like this. 

A quick note: sometimes the connection was a  bit wonky. But you'll be able to understand what is going on.

Note: Morgan is looking for people to do 1000 Scenes with. In the video he tells you all about how to contact him. 

Posted on September 16, 2015 and filed under Inspiring Friends.