Megan Reilly

Megan Reilly is a comedian, rapper and actor based out of Manhattan. She can be seen performing around the world with Baby Wants Candy and North Coast. She can also be seen twerking throughout New York City as her alter, rap-ego La Dynasty. Megan has studied comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Second City and The Magnet. She received a BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. She is beyond excited to be part of Broadway's Next Hit Musical!

Videos of Megan Reilly in Broadway's Next Hit Musical

Broadway's Next Hit Musical usually improvises songs from improvised musicals. But with this series we improvise a song from a Tony-nominated musical, HAMILTON! Matt Giroveanu and Megan Reilly give Lin-Manual Miranda a run for his money. Head to to find out when we'll be performing near you!
This #CutSong is a little different from the others - An American In Paris on Broadway didn't give us the a-okay to use any of the cast in our videos. They probably made the right call on that. Either way, Megan Reilly shines in this song.

Audio of Megan Reilly in Broadway's Next Hit Musical

Reviews of Megan Reilly in Broadway's Next Hit Musical

But the real star of the show, in my personal opinion, was Megan Reilly. I feel like she was quick on her feet more than the other actors and the spotlight demanded her attention every time she was on stage.
— Ross Michels, White Pine Press
Highlights of the June 2 performance include Megan Reilly, whose gorgeous voice fits her impromptu power ballad like a glove
— Matt Smith, Theater Pizzazz