SPRING 2019 - 2019 Original Cast Recordings


SPRING 2019 - 2019 Original Cast Recordings


The full soundtrack recorded live from our one-of-a kind, never-to-be-performed again shows. Choose the performances that you saw and we'll email you every hilarious song!

Cities from our Spring 2019 Season include: 

  • Hamilton, Bermuda (03/01)

  • Hamilton, Bermuda (03/02)

  • Benton Harbor, MI

  • Denton, TX

  • Branchburg, NJ

  • Hoover, AL (04/11)

  • Hoover, AL (04/12)

  • Newnan, GA

  • Brighton, MI

  • Saratoga, CA

  • Arroyo Grande, CA

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Test the Sound Quality

Although the sound is a little different everywhere we go, this will give you a sampling of how the music usually sounds.

Of course, this song is just an example, and not the one that you will hear on the cast recording you have purchased.