Best Hits of 2016 Digital Download


Best Hits of 2016 Digital Download


Our best songs of 2016 - Phony Award winners, nominees, and hilarious second acts songs  - recorded live from our tours around the country and at home in New York City.

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Sample Songs 

Full Track List

1. Hiccup Buttercup - Rob Schiffmann (Live from Clinton Township, MI)
2. I Want Grass With My Sandwich - Daniel Tepper (Live from Stillwater, OK)
3. Beer, Wine & Water - Rob Schiffmann (Live from Tallahassee, FL)
4. Running Red Lights - Megan Reilly (Live from Brea, CA)
5. Chicken Depth - Deb Rabbai (Live from Avon Park, FL)
6. Kristi's Lament - Stefan Schick (Live from Tarpon Springs, FL)
7. I Love You But - Matt Giroveanu (Live from Castleton, VT)
8. Halfway to Hell - Annie Schiffmann (Live from Castleton, VT)
9. Little Did She Know - Matt Giroveanu (Live from Farmigton, MO)
10. Shiny Dancer - Rob Schiffmann (Live from Des Moines, IA)
11. Rumor Has It - Rob Schiffmann (Live from Des Moines, IA)
12. I Live in My Yoga Pants - Deb Rabbai (Live from Des Moines, IA)
13. Wait She Wasn't a Woman - Deb Rabbai (Live from Des Moines, IA)
14. Out There - Rachel Bouton (Live from Des Moines, IA)
15. Who Were We - Rob Schiffmann (Live from Des Moines, IA)
16. My Angst, My Thighs - Katie Hammond (Live from Washington, PA)
17. There's No Slice in My Golf Swing - Robert Z. Grant (Live from Washington, PA)
18. I Won't Mow the Lawn in the Rain - Rob Schiffmann (Live from Findlay, OH)
19. Dolly Doo-Right - Rob Schiffmann (Live from New York, NY)
20. Alexander Hamilton Meets Marilyn Monroe - Stefan Schick (Live from Madison, WI)
21. My Fat Cat, Harley - Robert Z. Grant  (Live from Madison, WI)
22. Pumpkin Spice Latte - Megan Reilly (Live from Bloomsburg, PA)
23. Lexi Chases Cars - Matt Giroveanu (Live from Junction City, KS)
24. There's a Bee in My Bonnet, Oh My - Deb Rabbai (Live from Portland, OR)