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Take Home YOUR Show!

I remember the first time that I saw Broadway's Next Hit Musical - it was called Next Big Broadway Musical back then. The theatre was so hot, everyone in the audience was roasting - I can't imagine how it was for the actors - but I was loving every bit of it. I didn't care. The emcee was completely hilarious and had the crowd in his hands.  Every time the actors put their hands into the fishbowl I went a little breathless thinking MY song would be picked. Then finally I got to vote for which musical I could see in full. It was such a personal experience. That was back in 2002 or so. Even though I haven't heard the songs since I saw the show, I remember loving them. In fact, I can't remember much about the show at all - only how I felt. Unfortunately, the show that I loved so much just sort of vanished into thin air.

And now...

Now, years later, we still want every audience member to leave the theater happy and excited about the show. The difference is, we have much better ways of about capturing and sharing Broadway's Next - many of them free! Here's what you can do to take parts of YOUR show with you:

First, let's start with what you can see and hear right now:

Red Carpet Videos

Maybe you noticed it when you came in, maybe you were even interviewed by our emcee, either way, we post all of our Red Carpet videos. I have to say, we're really hitting our stride with these. They capture the feeling of the theatre before the show starts, and how witty our emcees are. 

Free Song Download

If you have seen Broadway's Next since March '16 you'll know that we've started offering a free download of the winning song. Head to our website, tell us when you saw the show, and we'll email it to you. This is especially fun for our Phony Award winners. 


Signed Show Poster

Want a signed show poster? We'll write in the winning song and the musical title, and get the cast that you saw on that specific night to autograph it. Super fun to put up in your dorm! Click the picture above to order it.

Original Cast Recording

Since March '16 we have started selling the Original Cast Recordings of Broadway's Next Hit Musical's show. You'll get to hear all of the songs from the first act of the show - (did yours get picked, but not win?) - PLUS the songs in the musical of the second act. You voted for it, you walked out of the theatre singing it, you might as well have it on your phone too! Click the picture above to order it!